2018 Alta Redshift MXR

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2018 Alta Redshift MXR

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I recently got this bike from a fellow member and sadly have done no more than go around the block on it a few times..
Need a hip replacement and doctor says no riding for 12 months and honestly I don’t want the bike (and battery) to sit unused for that length of time.
I’ll link to his ad which should answer any questions.. battery was recently checked out and found to be in good health with no codes.

Here the link to where I got the bike

https://electricdirtriders.com/threads ... iles.2354/

As said, I’ve done nothing to the bike since I bought it except buy some spares for it..
And a flo yellow front fender :)
Price is $11,000 as it sits or $11,500 including new OEM fenders, 21”/18” wheelset and new seat (3 seats total)

Located in Connecticut
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