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HootOwl True Tri-State Turkey Run - May 2, 2021

Hare scrambles, Enduros, Turkey Runs, Oh my!

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Looking forward to this. Anyone know what the mileage will be?

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Paper route sheet and/or GPS?

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Thanks to the max HootOwl club members!That was a serious Turkey run that ranks up high with the best of them.Mileage-How about 97 big ones?Variety of trails-How about every type?Organization-Can you say the best?
A lot of a$$es kicked hard up in northeastern CT and northwestern RI,just ask me.Thanks again!

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Really enjoyed the route. 97 miles of some of the finest trails around. I'm one sore puppy today. Thanks Hoot Owls for a well run event.

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Next level kinda ride the hoots put on.

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