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Season opener countdown!

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Post Fri Jul 17, 2020 10:30 am

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Greg Sr wrote:
Please let me know what is the current tentative opening round of vintage chaos / getting mentally prepared for my last place finish.

2021 schedule (if there is one) won’t be released til December

Post Sat Jul 18, 2020 5:37 pm

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TriState had our meeting this week. We are still planning on Indian Ridge. Club is going through the extra paperwork, far as we’ve heard from the comp committee the insurance requires us to get something signed by the town to hold a gathering. I know clubs definitely don’t want the extra hassle with that and we also don’t necessarily like informing the town. Also giving in to the over stepping requirements might set us up for this extra bs in perpetuity. Nonetheless :letsgo

Post Tue Feb 23, 2021 8:46 am
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Could it really be true? Only 60 days to Blue Slope????

P.S. Hey Nate, check your PM inbox. BT

Post Wed Feb 24, 2021 6:51 am

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started training today. Only one donut instead of two. (its a start)


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