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Replacement TPI Fuel Tank Connector & Filter

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Attaching the description of the improved configuration developed for TPI KTMs, Huskys, & '21Gas Gas models. Simple installation instructions provided in shipping. PM me w/ recipient name and address to generate Paypal invoice.
~ Mike
Brochure 20210105.pdf
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Nice set up Mike, I like the elimination of one of the fuel lines.

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Update for ship to will include other US domain outside of US 48 states as well as Canadian provinces, however, will need to quote new total cost including shipment to those areas.
Again, please send PM providing recipient name, email address, complete ship to address, and telephone number.

:beer Some have queried about use of complete or partial fuel tank connector kits on 4 stroke applications and then purchased. We see no reason for including use with following models:
2020 & 2021 XCF&XCFW 250,350,450
2020 & 2021 FE 350
Dependent on individual application, installation might require slight change of tank fitting orientation as well as modification to the final 4 stroke fuel supply hose connection between filter and throttle body.

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