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Stock KTM computer and a Watchdog both on same pickup?

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Does anyone know if you can add a watchdog computer and still keep the stock one running on the same magnet sensor?

I recently bought a newer bike (2015 KTM500EXC) and I would like to keep the stock computer running with the odometer and hour meter and such but I also need to add the watchdog.

It seems like it would be simple enough to pigtail the second computer off of the same pickup wire, although there may be some sort of one way signal gate to stop interference between the two required.

I tried contacting David Dugas, the engineer of the Watchdog computer. I left him a voicemail and sent an email weeks ago but I haven't gotten a response.

So I figured I'd see if anyone else here has accomplished this or has any information that would help.


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Don't see why not, what I don't understand is why

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I just picked up a new bike and used a posi tap to connect my watchdog to the existing pickup wires. Didn't work at first then someone told me to switch the 2 wires and it worked fine.

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I thought it might be that simple but figured I would ask first.



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The other option I have seen is to tap a second hole in the brake carrier and run two pickups.
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fishon401 wrote:
The other option I have seen is to tap a second hole in the brake carrier and run two pickups.

Although I am not fond of the idea, I'm starting to understand why someone might do this. Been getting some interference while piggy backing the stock odo. will keep working on it.

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There must be some sort of one-way valve for electrical circuits. It seems like it would be simple enough that it must exist. I'm just not that Savvy at Electronics.

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There must be some sort of one-way valve for electrical circuits

Not an EE, but wouldn't a diode do just that?

I have my WD spliced into the stock KTM sensor wire and have been running it that way for awhile. Some days both odo's play well together, and some days they don't. I've just taken to unplugging the WD when I don;t need it.

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If they both utilize a simple contact closure it shouldn't be a problem. If there is some current flow through some resistance you may need a steering diode in one of the leads to one of the devices to keep the impedance from changing.

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Thanks, Check1. Any suggestions as to a proper "steering diode" spec? Does it matter?

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Both stock computer and aftermarket gear sounds like it is most likely just driven off of a magnetic pulse, in which case you are doubling the resistance/halving the charge by tapping the single sensor for both tails.

Depending on a variety of climate and riding conditions, this lack of signal may work fine sometimes, and poorly others. Best to run each sensor separately.

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My input, having run these two same computers for many years is.....

Redundancy is a good thing. Having two wires run down the fork is worth it. If one wire fails or gets ripped out, the other computer will continue working. Installing an extra wire in line with the wheel magnet is no big deal. Many KTMs already have a hole tapped and ready.

I set keytime on both computers and it gives me just a little more confidence that if something goes wrong mid-enduro that I have a functioning backup.
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I ran both from one pick up for 15yrs without ever an issue. It may be that the fellow with an intermittent problem may have a bad connection/wire. I spoke with Dave Dugas about running them from same pick up, as he is an EE and said there should not be any issue. I recently did the same thing to my 2020 KTM and haven't any problems. It is just a pulse that runs up the wire, then each individual item in the run uses it, no other juice is in the wire unless outside inductance from something else nearby. Be sure not to run pick up wire near other electric wires. Good luck!

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using a simply off the counter control compliance meter to regulate the phase linear lockout on the mechanized opening gap device will reverse the polarity on the gen 2 controller creating a cascading computer roll out that will leave you with a pencil and paper and a 15 dollar Timex . hahahahaah

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