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Not-quite Romaniacs! Thanks, Kevin & XPower!

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At the 2019 Season Banquet, these two guys bought a crapload of raffle tickets!


I'd like to use this thread to say thanks to NETRA member Kevin Novello and Ride XPower for donating one free King's Trail tour to benefit the NETRA scholarship fund. Jim and I went halves on $100 worth of tickets. Our number was drawn and we split the one free ticket.

We got back from this trip of a lifetime on Saturday and it was beyond description!

Here is five days of riding condensed into four videos:

Day 1: A "warm-up day" with a Bronze-level hill! We thought we were headed back to the hotel but there was ONE MORE HILL.

Day 2: Modern bridge construction at 14:00.

Day 3: Razor-thin mountain ridges, fast logging roads, wide mountain prairies, donkeys, and Daniel lets me lead for 1/4 mile.

Days 4 & 5: Dead-engine downhills, Death or Dysentery?, Devil's Prairie Hill, The after-water hill, sweet mountaintop forest, and blowdowns, blowdowns, blowdowns. Expletives not muted.

You are NETRA!

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Tony, that looks awesome!
Congrats on a great trip.

I have been wanting to go for years.
It just looks so beautiful!

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