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Post Tue Feb 21, 2017 2:05 pm

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If you attended the fitness seminar at the Netra Banquet, you heard about Harrison's philosophy on fitness and how it relates to off-road motorcycle riding/racing. He is now offering training templates designed specifically for racers starting at only $79 a month! These workouts will be posted daily on CrossFit RedZone's site and can be viewed via an access code starting Monday, 2/27. Remote personal training is also available, which includes direct access to him, custom programs based on your goals, as well as nutrition and mental training! ... and-racers

Harrison Schreiner
(203) 731-0381

Post Wed Feb 07, 2018 1:43 pm

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If you didn't catch Harrison's recent post on Netra Talk @ Facebook, here is something brand new he is offering.

Hey everyone, I just recently finished writing a training template that I think a lot of you may be interested in. I plan on launching this for purchase next week. I will be filming some demo videos to accommodate the programming to make things easy to follow. This template is 8 weeks long, with 3 training sessions per week. These workouts are designed to be easily scaleable (meaning they can be adjusted to your personal fitness levels and equipment availability), and done in an hour. I wanted to make something along the lines of a "Pre-season" prep period, where you can peak athletically for the spring when the snow melts. In addition, I wanted to launch an affordable, "hands off" plan for those of you in the far corners of New England or for those of you who can not afford personal training. Ideally, a gym membership would ensure you get the best out of this program. If not, I can make some personal accommodations depending on what you have available. If you have any questions, shoot me a message or an email

Post Tue Feb 27, 2018 9:53 am

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Post Wed Mar 14, 2018 2:47 pm

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Here is a review from one of Harrison's clients that was posted recently on the KtmTalk forum.

"To whomever is looking for a excellent workout designed to target MC offroad riders...this is it! I have been following this workout for a couple of weeks. Can be done at home or at the gym. Harrison has a wealth of knowledge and is quick to respond to questions through Email. This workout is challenging and fun, it is NOT the same old boring stuff every workout, very well thought out!"

Post Thu Mar 15, 2018 8:38 am

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I can personally attest to Harrison's training being top notch. I am just over two months in of being coached/trained by him twice a week and the change is significant ! In past years I have used other moto specific programs with good results, but it took longer to achieve these goals and I was not as well rounded and became bored quickly. With Harrison's program every time is something new exposing weakness's that need attention. If anyone is thinking about doing anything regarding fitness for the upcoming season,no question he is the man to use.

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