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Big end bearings seem ok?

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Post Tue Dec 15, 2015 4:48 pm

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Carryover from the "stuck bolt" thread. Got the engine of a DRZ-250 split and the issue is a bad mag side crank bearing - the retainer failed. Luckily the pieces trapped in the oil screen and did not spray metal elsewhere. Bearing seat looks ok, does not look like it spun the bearing. Just some scratches on the inside of the case where the retainer must have caught between crank and case.

Originally I thought it would need main bearings AND a crank/con rod rebuild. However, I cant detect any up or down movement in the rod. Has the usual side to side play. This one is on a tight budget, so if I don't have to touch the crank its a $60 job, otherwise its $300 by the time you get done with buying road and crank parts and a shop to press it.

Should I worry about that big end bearing, or the crank not being true?
"It just needs a carb cleaning"

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