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Fork re-assembly question (WP)

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Post Sun Mar 13, 2016 2:50 pm

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2005 KTM 400exc

when putting the fork back together, do I thread the cap on to the internal rod, till I feel the cap contact the rebound control rod, then tighten the locknut? or do I thread it as far down as it will go,? I have the rebound adjuster all the way out to zero clicks. It seems that if I continue twisting the cap after it contacts the rebound rod, it starts to bring in added rebound?

The rebound needles are free and operate with finger pressure and the spring returns it. The small diameter aluminum rod sticks out of the internal rod about 1/4".

When I put the fork cap on, and thread it down, it goes freely until the adjuster (backed out to zero clicks) touches the small internal rod that moves the damper needle. It seems to me that continuing to tighten the fork cap, will depress the damper needle as you turn it further. Should I stop there, and set the locknut or do you crank the cap all the way down to the bottom of the threads and lock it there.

there's about 5mm or 3/16" of thread still not into the fork cap when I feel the rebound adjuster start to compress.

I've always cranked it all the way in and then locked it, but thinking about it, it doesn't seem like the way. It will press the rod all the way down, at least as much as I can operate it with finger pressure.

all replies appreciated. thanks in advance
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Post Fri Apr 22, 2016 11:11 am

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This post is older, but I had always read that, on any of the WP open cartridge forks, the cap was supposed to thread down all the way...

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