Board index Events Jack Frost Weekend - Junior & Fun Ride, Oct, 27-28, 2018

Jack Frost Weekend - Junior & Fun Ride, Oct, 27-28, 2018

Hare scrambles, Enduros, Turkey Runs, Oh my!

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Please take note of the sentences at the bottom of the flyer. This event is held on US gov't property and the MA Environmental Police usually have a presence there. Usually they have just been there to inform people of the existing laws and not to try to turn anybody away from the event.

Parents - we are trying to plan a MA youth safety course with the Environmental Police the morning before the Jr. Enduro. We feel this would be a strong signal that NETRA is trying to do the right thing by complying with and supporting the existing MA laws. We will keep you posted and update the flyer if/when we get a green light. There is an online portion of the training that needs to be completed before attending the actual course. Further info can be found here:

Usually this is the last event of the year and is a good way to wind down from a long season. This year Holiday Mountain is the following weekend so hopefully we still get a good turnout!

Feel free to contact me directly via the info on the flyer if you have any questions.

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